The cherry blossoms have begun blooming in Tokyo.

The legendary Japanese actor Akira Takarada has passed away suddenly at the hospital in Tokyo by pneumonia on Monday 12:31 am, March 14th 2022. (At age of 87)

He has been working actively worldwide on the front line of entertainment business scenes from 1953 when he made his debut as an actor of  “Toho New Face (6th gen.)”

His last work will be his latest film called “SAKURA” (The cherry blossoms)/ the lead role and executive producer) which will start showing in the theater from April 1st 2022 in Japan.

In consideration of his family’s wishes, his funeral has already taken with only a few relatives on March 18th as a private funeral.
We sincerely apologize for the delayed notification about this, but we are extremely grateful for your understanding and for your kindness to the deceased during his lifetime.

The family wishes to tell you that they will not receive any offerings including letters, flowers or financial dedications. Your prayers will encourage Akira and his family enough.

We will release any future plans or the information about him by the website below.

『with Akira Takarada』

Once again, we appreciate very much for your thoughts and understanding.

Takarada Planning Office

And the family of Akira Takarada


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